The Five Best Sustainable Resorts You Should Visit

If you are an international traveler, then it is most likely that you are familiar with resorts. Resorts are great places to relax and explore the best of the world. There are tons of resorts around the world, but there are a few that are not only moderate, but are also eco-friendly. If you want to visit new resorts during your vacation, let us help you by introducing five sustainable resorts that you should see!

5 Of The Best Sustainable Resorts Around The World:

In this shortlist, we will be going over five of the best resorts that you can visit right now. We will give one thing that you will enjoy for each resort in the title. Let us start with the first sustainable resort

1: If You Enjoy Beaches, Go To Trisara In Phuket, Thailand:

During vacation, about everyone loves visiting beaches at some point during their time off. If you are one of those people who love beaches, then look no further than Trisara resort located in Phuket, Thailand! Trisara has many sandy beaches for you to swim in. The best beach to go to around this resort is the Andaman Sea.

Other than the beach, you are also surrounded by ficus trees and can also visit a spa that isn’t far from the resort. This is a great place to go if you enjoy the ocean.

2: If You Enjoy Wildlife, Go To Campi Ya Kanzi In Mtito Andei, Kenya

Do you want to see some exotic wildlife while on vacation? The best resort to see wildlife is Campi Ya Kanzi located in Mtito Andei, Kenya. Spanning over 283,000 acres, you can get the full experience of the mountains of Africa from this resort. Campi also uses eco-friendly materials like solar panels.

This resort is a good place if you want to capture or witness wildlife, so make sure to bring a camera with you if you plan to go to this resort.

3: If You Love Hiking, Go To Awasi Patagonia in Torres Del Paine, Chile:

If you enjoy hiking as a hobby, then you should plan a trip to Awasi Patagonia in Chile. This resort is located up on the mountain range of Torres. There are many paths that you can hike down and witness unique wildlife while walking. However, if you don’t want to hike, you could also just enjoy the view your room gives you of the mountains.

Go to this resort if you love to hike or if you want good views of the mountains.

4: If You Enjoy Amazing Views, Go To Spity Hotel in Nice, France:

Speaking of views, you can always go to Spity Hotel located in Nice, France. In this resort, the furniture within the hotel are colorful and high-tech. Each room of the hotel is unique and eco-friendly. As for views, you can oversee the ocean that is close to the hotel from your room. It is best to go to this resort if you just want to be in a nice room that also gives you a lovely view.

5: If You Enjoy Eating, Go To Bellemont Farm, St. Kitts in the Caribbean:

The last resort we suggest you should visit is the Bellemont Farm that is located on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts. There are a few things that the Bellmont Farm resort offers to its guests. If you love to golf and want something to eat while you play, you can pick up a banana or mango while you play.

Recently, Bellemont acquired Farmhouse, a restaurant close to the area that has local, farm-to-table dishes. They also provide cooking classes for anyone interested in learning to cook classic Caribbean dishes. The last thing this resort provides is an in-room dining service called the Rolling Mango. You can request meals that are freshly prepared and will be served within your room.

Check this resort out if you love to eat or want to try Caribbean cuisine.


There are other resorts around the world that are also eco-friendly, but these are five of the best according to whatever activity you are seeking to do while on your vacation. Happy exploring!

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